Caversham Churches

Caversham Methodist Church

We are open for Sunday Worship at both Caversham Heights and Gosbrook Road at 10:30am.

To join us on Zoom please sign up for our newsletter.  If you are in need of assistance please call 0118 947 2223.

Prayer of the Day

May we never feel forsaken, O Lord, whether in the quietness of our resting, in the storms of the day, in the cares of the world or in the journey of life. Amen.

Søren Kierkegaard (1813-1855)

For the refugee, ‘displaced’, afraid and homeless;
for the ‘unplaced’ child in care, longing for a new foster home;
for the elderly dementia sufferer, with ‘misplaced’ words and straying thoughts;
for the ‘placeless’ young person alone on the streets, all family ties broken;
for the ‘out of place’ folks who don’t seem to fit in with society or even themselves;
and for those now ‘replaced’, no longer needed for whatever reason.
Lord, we thank you that we are all your children and that, whoever we are, and whatever our circumstances, there is a place in your kingdom of love for us all. Amen.

Val Pearce, City of Edinburgh Methodist Church