Caversham Churches

Welcome to the

Caversham Methodist Church

We are open for Sunday Worship at both Caversham Heights and Gosbrook Road at 10:30am.

To join us on Zoom, or if you are in need of assistance you can email or call 0118 947 2223.

Prayer of the Day

Grant us, O Lord, to pass this day in gladness and peace, without stumbling and without stain, that reaching the day’s end victorious over all temptation, we may again praise you, the eternal God, blessed over all things now and for ever. Amen.

Mozarabic Sacramentary (10th century)

Gracious God, we know the theory of welcoming all, that in Christ there is “no longer Jew or Greek … there is no longer male and female”,* but we all have our preferences and biases. It is comfortable to be among those who are like us. Yet you call us not to be comfortable, but to comfort – to encourage and strengthen others, including those who are troubled. It is not easy, but it is possible because you are a merciful God, a forgiving God, a hope-giving God. Through Jesus you have made room for all, so may we share your hope, your forgiveness and your mercy with those who discomfort us. Amen.

*Galatians 3:28

Andrew Fox, Deputy Chair, Shetland District