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Are you thinking about ways to reduce your use of plastic containers in response to David Attenborough’s Blue Planet programmes last year? One product which generates vast numbers of single use plastic bottles is milk. But there is a simple option to help reduce use – and it’s not a new idea!

Can you remember when most of us had a doorstep delivery of milk in glass bottles? You may think the milk float was a thing of the past – but it is still around and is making a comeback. And it has been updated for the internet age. With a growing fleet of new electric vehicles, “Milk and more” will deliver a range of products, including milk and fruit juices in reusable glass bottles and many organic products. Deliveries are 3 days a week and if you wish, your account can be managed on-line. This allows you to change your order up until the evening before the delivery is due – ideal if you have run out of one of the many products they deliver!

So take a small step back in time to reduce plastic waste. Check if there are deliveries in your area and find details of what is available on their web site at

Phil Chatfield